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Car parts are goods like any other. Finding a car part should be quick and easy not just for experts, everyone – it doesn’t matter if the goods are new or used. That’s the motto we had in mind when creating the online store.

Recycling is good for the environment and good for your wallet. Every day, thousands of cars with all manner of faults are left to rust in Europe. If the fault is expensive to rectify, repairing the car may not be economically viable – so it ends up in a dismantling centre where all the spare parts that are in good condition are salvaged and sold to help other cars of the same type. We feel that a modern dismantling business should make clients’ lives easy, from finding the right part to choosing how to pay, and offering quick delivery. Every part we use has to be of good quality and reliable.

We work with major dismantling businesses in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe so as to maintain the diversity of our stock and find quick solutions for special requests. Today our stock contains a wide range of parts for the most common and affordable cars as well as lesser used parts for completely new models.

The time of scrapyard is over. Welcome to the recycling of car parts!

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